Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Side

There is one thing that I want..that I wish I can tell the whole world. But I cant. Such weakness I should conceal from the world. I try to stay strong from within. I should stay strong, slap myself in the face so I could come back to reality and focus to what matters.

I am so lonely. Everytime I see a couple, this fact always eat myself from inside. Why can't I have the love from a man. What is wrong with me? My mind always tell me to accept this fate and be positive l, that my time will come and I just need to hang in there but my heart wanted a man to love me, to make me feel content. I feel broken. I am weak.

The fact that I know what to do to divert myself   is actually worsen my condition. My heart is empty. I know I shouldn't let it be empty, I know that I should turn to Allah for His forgiveness and empathy..the fact that I know all these, scares me..and in the end I do nothing. I am weak.

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Story About Kedekut

Those were shared by one or my friend dekat wechat. Dia upload dalam moment dia. For the first one, I replied and said..belanja makan pun berkira. Nasi goreng je pun. How expensive nasi goreng dgn air. Tak sampai RM10 kot. Kedekut gila boyfriend itu. Kononnya belum jadi bini. Abang abang..belanja kawan tu kan sedekah. Tu mesti tak ikhlas bila dia belanja girlfriend dia. 

On second screenshot pulak..konon dah jadi isteri, sanggup belanja makan mahal-mahal. Well, ianya bagus. Tetapi garapan cerita tak kena. Makan 3 main course plus drinks and 2 dessert sampai 300++? Ok..i assume makan dekat Secret Recipe sebab ada tulis Choc Indulgence. Pardon me if I'm wrong. The value for 3 main course, ok lah kita estimate je, around RM30-RM50. Ok kita ambik average, RM50 each. So RM150 for 3 main course. Drinks, say RM10 each. And dessert RM10 each. Total RM190. 

So morale of the story is, nak cover line yg dia kedekut tak mau belanja awek dia nasi goreng, so dia buat lah story itu macam..yang tak logik itu. Oh unless they eat whole Choc Indulgence cake cost about RM60++ and whole tub of napolean ice cream. Eh..still not reach RM300..hehe


Having pet/s is like having babies. You have to feed them, care for them, buy their neccesities and play with them. You cant just love the idea of having pets and yet you didn't have any idea how to care for them. It's not just about food and shelter. It's about loving them dearly. You have to clean up their mess.

But having pets also show and teach you about love, responsibility, commitment and patience.

To those who have pets, take good care of your pets. They are God's gift upon you.


Well, last night was a weird one. I kena tikam using cutter but not too deep. There was this one guy coming to me to a corner..said something..cant remember what he said. And stabbed me on my right side of my abdomen. And he let me go, said something like he likes me..and I dont go to make a police report.

Secondly, I and there is one little girl..nak balik kg. And my friends wanna go to and we have to prepare things and I get tired. And so much complaint and work need to be done.

Thirdly, remember Nazz. He found someone else already. Her name is Ezra. Flight attendant. LOL! Apa punya mimpi daaaa...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Stalker Alert!!!

Kali ini aku ingat aku nak tulis je blog. Sebab banyak benda nak cakap cuma tak tercakap. Banyak perkara yg berlaku jugak sebenarnya. Tapi yang dah lepas tu biarlah lepas kan. Move forward.

Musim ini aku seronok untuk membicarakan soal cinta. Kalau nak tahu, recently ada seorang lelaki ini dalam friendlist aku. No need to named him. Let put his name as Nazz. I don't remember how we add each other, tapi his love life reallt intrigue me.

I found out he have a girlfriend few months back. Memang hot girlfriend dia. Urban. He always posted his picture with his girlfriend and show how they love each other.

Then suddenly, they broke up. And not more than 3 months I guess, he found someone else. Wow!!!!!!! Again, he confess the love to this new gf on facebook with all the love dovey kind of post. Picture, Bitsrips. And I am jealous. No no..not that kind of jealous. But envy. And i feel sweetnya. I suka orang bercinta. I tak ada cinta, the closest between me and love is jusr other people story.

But anyway, unfortunately ianya tak bertahan lama. You see, I am ashamed to admit this, but its seems that I have become his facebook stalker. LOL!!!!  I have no bad intention, I just curious. He love his girlfriend dearly..but love aint his luck, perhaps.

Secretly, I hope he find someone worthy. Nothing beats than seeing people in love.
I am happy that way. Or is it I am just in denial..hahahaha..

Monday, July 11, 2011

Battle Los Angeles

Last weekend during Malaysian drawn to Bersih 2.0 rally, myself spend my time at home watching DVD's that I rented from Ezy Video. I rent 6 DVD's: Battle Los Angeles, The Social Networking, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Inception, Grown Ups and The Tourist.

I pretty much like Battle Los Angeles followed by Inception, The Social Networking, Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Tourist and Grown Ups.

I watched Battle LA like 3 times. It was really awesome movie. From a point where I like alien movie, I really love this movie very much. The stories was pretty predictable with happy ending. But the journey in the movie really was superb. The story is from a view of a Marine Squad that supposed to pick up civilians that was trapped as LAPD after alien start to invade their places.

You should watch this. Really. No lovey-dovey kisses between hero-heroin. Just purely a war movie. I wish some of them live till the end but well, casualties was something expected.

Retreat, hell!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yeay Tercapai

Yahooo alhamdulillah.
Kesemua filem yang aku nak nonton tinggal satu je lagi untuk di selesaikan.
Itupun dah sign up TT Transformer pada 9hb July ni. Alaaa...tak la lambat sangat. Tengah-tengah je org kata..

Yes lah!!!